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Latest Updates


(4/20/22) We are now taking applications for the Girls Fall 2022 Club vs. Club division and the Boys Spring 2023 Club vs. Club division. See this link for the information guide. To apply for the girls program, click here. To apply for the boys program, click here. The application period closes on Wednesday May 11.

(4/18/22Click here for information about the Conference Hosted Event Weekends.

(8/26/21) Click here to access the list of qualifying slots for the 2022-23 season of National League P.R.O.

The US Youth Soccer Midwest Conference consists of teams primarily from Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. The top teams in the Midwest Conference top tier divisions will earn advancement to the US Youth Soccer Regional Championships (NCS) and automatically qualify for National League P.R.O.

Key Information

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Conference-Hosted Weekends

April 23-24, 2022 | Rockford, IL

Click here to access the dedicated Sportscore II Event Weekend homepage.
All event information, forms and resources will be available on the event homepage.


April 30-May 1, 2022 | St. Louis, MO

Click here to access the dedicated Creve Coeur Event Weekend homepage.
All event information, forms and resources will be available on the event homepage.


May 6-8, 2022 | Westfield, IN

Click here to access the dedicated Grand Park Event Weekend homepage.
All event information, forms and resources will be available on the event homepage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is the application deadline for the Spring 2022 season and how do I access the application link?

A: The application deadline for the Spring 2022 season for 15U-19U teams is September 17th. The application window for the 13U-14U teams doesn't open until October 11th. The link can be found at the top of this webpage in the "LATEST UPDATES" box.


Q: Is my team required to play in the National League Showcase?

A: All 15U-18U teams competing in Tier 1 divisions (Club vs. Club or Premier I) within the conference must attend a minimum of one (1) USYS National League Showcase Series event to retain their position with the Tier 1 division (Club vs. Club or Premier I) of the following seasonal year of conference play. If a team qualifies or is accepted to the National League P.R.O., that satisfies the National League Showcase requirement.


Q: How do I locate team contact information for teams in my division?

A: Please see the walkthrough under the Team Information drop-down titled "Walkthrough - Locating Team Contact Information" for instructions on locating team contact information.


Q: How do I add myself as the contact person for my team and get emails from the Conference?

A: The coaches and managers on a team's Conference roster is who displays as the contact person for a team and who will receive emails from the Conference. For steps on how to add a coach or manager to a Conference roster, please see the walkthrough under the Team Information drop-down titled "Walkthrough - Updating Team Contact Information."


Q: How many players can be on our team?

A: Teams may utilize 30 players during the course of a season in accordance with League Rules and Policies. A maximum 22-player Team Roster with additional use of a Club Pass Roster shall be utilized in all age groups. Club Pass players may only come from within a team’s club, provided that the player is a US Youth Soccer member. All rosters shall be submitted to the league through the GotSport platform.


Q: How do I build my roster in GotSport for Conference play?

A: The procedure for building a conference roster in GotSport differs based upon if you are a club admin or a team admin. For instructions as a club admin, please see the walkthrough under the Team Information drop-down titled "Walkthrough - Roster Building for Club Admins." If you are a team admin, please see the walkthrough under the Team Information drop-down titled "Walkthrough - Roster Building for Team Admins."


Q: Do I need to have my state association approve my conference roster?

A: Requesting state approval for your conference roster is no longer necessary for the 2021-22 seasonal year. When you build your roster in GotSport, the players are automatically approved and will immediately appear on the game card.


Q: Can I remove players from my roster?

A: Once a player is on a Conference roster, such player is frozen on such team's pool of 30 players for the remainder of the Conference season. Players may only be removed, prior to the teams first game of the season, by the approval of the League Manager.


Q: What is the time frame to make adjustments to my roster?

A: Roster modifications can be made at any time in the lead up to a game. However, a new game card must be printed whenever a player is added to the conference roster in GotSport. If a player does not appear on the physical game card used for the game , they are not permitted to play. Only printed game cards can be used for games; digital copies are not permitted. We cannot guarantee Conference staff assistance with adding any players to the Conference roster after 3 PM ET on the Friday prior to any weekend games. No additions permitted after the Roster Freeze Date. Freeze deadline can be seen on the Conference Calendar.


Q: Can I add players after the roster freeze deadline has passed?

A: Once the roster freeze deadline passes for each season of play, no more modifications can be made to Conference rosters for the remainder of the season, under any circumstances. The current approved roster on file in GotSport will be in place for the remainder of the season and will still populate on games cards printed by teams in GotSport. In GotSport, the ability to add players to Conference-specific rosters will be taken away so teams do not have access to edit their seasonal roster. If any teams come forward inquiring how to add players to their seasonal roster, they will be notified that they no longer have this ability as the roster freeze deadline has passed.


Q: Can a player play for multiple teams on the same day?

A: Players cannot play for two teams on the same day, see rules below:

13.04 Player Limitations 
A primary rostered player may only play for one team in a Conference Division in which their primary team is participating. In situations where a club has multiple teams participating in the same Conference Division, at no time may such primary players appear on both Conference Division rosters. Under no circumstances may a player be listed on multiple team rosters if such teams are from difference clubs.


During the Conference season, a player may play for only one (1) Conference team per day. During the Conference season, a Goalkeeper may be listed on up to two (2) Conference team match day team lineups per day from the same club, with the written consent by the Conference League Manager. A Goalkeeper may not play on more than one team in the same gender age group, and is subject to the same standards as club pass players.


Q: How do I make changes to the schedule posted online?

A: To submit ANY schedule update/s after initial schedules have been posted online, you will need to go to the "Scores, Standings & Schedules" section. A drop down will appear and you will need to click on the "FALL 2021 SCHEDULE UPDATE LINK" link. This will take you to the schedule update page. Please note, that both teams must have agreed to any schedule update, before an update can be submitted. In addition to submitting this schedule update form, you will acknowledge that the HOST club needs to contact their ref assignor immediately to ensure match officials are scheduled (if not at a conference hosted event or external tournament). If the game in question is being played at a neutral location or the host club is not affiliated with either team in a matchup, please make sure the host club is involved in any rescheduling requests and conversations. The ref assignors list can be found on the conference website in the Referee Information drop down.


Q: Why does it say "Please Submit Schedule Update Form" next to my game on the public schedule?

A: This is because the game could not be scheduled in GotSport based upon the information given to the Designated Scheduling Coordinator. The venue/field given was either not created in GotSport at the time, or no time/field was provided. The host club will need to submit a schedule update using the link on the Conference website, in the Scores, Standings & Schedules drop down to get the game details placed correctly on the schedule in GotSport.


Q: When are reschedule updates and changes due?

A: All game changes and updates are due at least 14 days prior to the originally scheduled game. Any game date, time or site change made within 14 days of a scheduled game may result in a $100 scheduling fee payable to US Youth Soccer. Host team contacts conference approved referee assignor with the change(s) at least 14 days prior to original game date. Also, Referee assignors are to be advised a minimum 14 days prior to the date of a rescheduled game or they are not required to fulfill the request for referees.


Q: How do we get referees assigned for our games?
A: For all one-off and club hosted games, the HOST team (as designated on the schedule) must contact a conference approved referee assignor from the Conference Referee Assignors Contact List found in the Referee Information drop down of the conference homepage. The contact list will have all conference approved assignors listed by state.  

Q: How much do we pay referees?

A: US Youth Soccer Leagues Program Conference games will use a 3-man referee system. Each team is responsible for one-half of the total referee fees per game and payment is to be made in cash prior to each game as follows: 

13U and 14U: $70 per game per team; a total of $140 ($60 to Referee and $40 to each AR) 

15U and 16U: $80 per game per team; a total of $160 ($70 to Referee and $45 to each AR) 

17U, 18U and 19U: $90 per game per team; a total of $180 ($80 to Referee and $50 to each AR) 


Q: What is the penalty for a forfeited game?

A: Any games that are forfeited within 14 days of a scheduled game date and time may result in the offending team paying the full referee fees for the forfeited game, an additional $250 forfeiture fee payable to US Youth Soccer and any field fees that may have been incurred by the host as determined by the League Manager. See rule 15.02 listed in the National League Rules:

A forfeited match will be scored as a 1-0 win for the opponent. A team forfeiting any match may be dropped from the Conference at the discretion of the Conference League Manager following a review of the incident resulting in any Forfeits. Should a team be dropped, all scores for that team in the seasonal year schedule shall be recorded as a 1-0 win for the opponent. In addition, a team that forfeits one of more matches may be subject to further sanctioning including but not limited to a fine, become ineligible to advance to Regionals, become ineligible to advance to National League P.R.O., or be suspended from the National League. The Conference League Manager of the Conference, after consultation with the NL Commissioner shall determine any additional sanctioning.


Q: Who submits the Game Score and GotSport Game Card?

A: ALL match scores must be entered by the WINNING team. In the event of a tie, the team listed as Team A on the schedule should be the team that enters the score and paperwork. This MUST be done before leaving the facility. Scores must be entered within 48 hours of the game being played. For steps on how to submit a game score and upload a game card, please follow the walkthrough under the Team Information drop-down titled "Walkthrough - Team Post-Game Tasks."


Q: I was able to enter the score for our game but I did not get a copy of the GotSport Game Card. What should I do?

A: You will need to contact the referees that filled out the Game Card to see if they have it. If you don’t have their contact information, contact the referee assignor that assigned those referees to your game. Also contact the opposing team to see if they have the missing paperwork.


Q: How do I book a hotel for a Conference Hosted weekend?

A: There are housing links located in the Conference Hosted Weekend section on the website. Not all weekends are Mandatory Stay to Play. This is clearly labeled on the website. 


Q: Our team is planning to play in a Showcase Tournament. There are teams we are planning on playing that are currently in our conference division. Are we able to make these Showcase matchups count as our conference games?

A: Yes, but the first thing you need to do is make sure that you confirm with your opposition teams that they wish to play these matches as league games. Following that, you will need to contact the showcase director to make sure that they are aware that these matches are going to be played as conference matches. All showcase games must use the same rules as the league. 

If all are in agreement, then we allow the Showcase games to count as conference games because the showcase has confirmed that all matches will be played under league conditions and rules. You will need to ensure that you have all of the correct paperwork with you at the match. The showcase will likely have their own paperwork too, but can ONLY submit official league match paperwork with the score following the match, so make sure all of this is in order.


Q: We are playing in a Showcase Tournament and that schedule has been posted by the tournament. Who is responsible for adding that to the Conference Website schedule?

A:  Any time a team schedules a match in an external event, it is always the responsibility of the teams to send this in through GotSport. This is typically done by the HOST club (as listed on the schedule). At the scheduling meetings we specifically asked for one team to always be listed as the host in external events, for this reason. If this was not recorded, either team can send in this schedule update, but it must be updated on the schedule as you will still generate GotSport cards for these matches and they must have the correct match information on them.


Q: How do we receive National League Patches and where are they supposed to be placed on our uniforms? 

A:  All patches are sent to state associations for distribution to teams within that state. The placement of patches on uniforms can be found on pages 15 and 16 of the National League - Brand Guidelines document found in the Team Information drop down on the USYS website.



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